Case study – fashion

Representative of fashion industry, one of the leading European retailers, owning a chain of outlets in Poland and abroad. Developed distribution chain of our Customer requires skilful management of large number of shipments and receipt of goods in relation to current complementation of goods and changes of collections.

Customer’s Expectations

In relation to the dynamic increase of sale and development of trade chain, the demand for warehouse area has grown. The Customer had to find a solution which would allow managing the increased demand for servicing deliveries to the outlets as well as to return goods channel. Decision to build own warehouse, apart from spending significant amount of financial means, was related to the time required to design a warehouse as well as time needed to complete the investment which directly collided with the urgent need for accepting “old collections” and managing current shipments.

As a result of negotiations, we offered the Customer outsourcing a part of logistics services. As part of the offered solution, we agreed to accept post-distribution returns, qualitative control, sorting goods on unique indexes, warehousing, and shipping goods with the Customer’s orders.

In a short time, we prepared integration of the Customer’s system with 3LP SA warehouse system which allowed to share information about the planned shipments and sending feedback regarding the accepted returns. In the so-called “one wave” of goods returns from outlets we accepted over 7,000 deliveries with goods on the level of 700,000 pcs. According to the requirements defined by the Customer, each delivery was verified in terms of quantity and quality and was video documented. The Customer was receiving regular information about the stock and thanks to video recording of the accepted goods it gained additional tools supporting the settlement process of the outlets.


The decision of using logistics outsourcing allows the Customer to manage a large number of post-distribution returns in short time when changing collections, maintaining high efficiency of the business and time for executing thorough business analysis of the planned building of the warehouse.

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