Case study – FMCG

A Polish branch office of an international company and one of the global players specialising in air and maritime forwarding as well as delivery chains. Important position of the Customer on the international market of logistics operators requires dynamic reaction to the changing demands of the market.

Customer’s Expectations

Due to dynamic development of serviced entities the Customer had to deal with servicing significant volume of deliveries in a short time. Because of the current workload the Customer did not have available warehouse area and did not have time to expand it; that is why the Customer had to find an alternative solution.

An offer prepared by 3LP SA was the answer to the Customer’s needs; it included warehouse space with infrastructure and, what is more important, fulfils the high requirements for business partners. A technological audit was carried out shortly and our competences were confirmed; that gave the Customer green light to begin cooperation with us.

One of the most important requirements of the Customer regarding the logistics service was managing releases of goods within 2.5 hours from the moment of transferring an order.


Positive evaluation of the first joint project resulted in signing a long-term contract on cooperation and gave possibility to carry out next logistics projects. Our experience and high operational capacity allowed to establish lasting business relation which brings benefits for both parties.

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