The best recommendations regarding the quality and functioning of 3LP are the opinions of our Customers and Business Partners. For us it is a source of amazing energy and huge dose of motivation for further actions and expanding our possibilities.

Everyday work of the entire 3LP team becomes more valuable thanks to satisfaction, sales increase, and development of your Companies thanks to individually selected business solutions. We are proud of each and every cooperation.

E-commerce Management

The aim of the project was to prepare the best possible offer for our customers. We adapted the B2B cooperation model with the external operators, experts in the area of distribution for e-commerce, who are integrated with IKEA in terms of systems and processes. Thanks to that we can optimise our work ensuring high quality and efficiency of our processes.

Tomasz Kuliga

Project Manager of the Parcel Unit in Siechnice

Buffer Warehouse, Special Transport

We started cooperation with 3LP in February 2019. For almost 1.5 years we executed deliveries of energy meters for Tauron Dystrybucja SA. All the deliveries of devices to 11 branch offices of Tauron, over 400k pcs, were carried out on time and very professionally. The cooperation was perfect and very friendly. I cannot imagine using a different logistics company when executing new contracts.

Andrzej Grymek

President of the Board of Foxytech Sp. z o.o.

Contract Logistics, E-commerce, Transport

We sell a wide range of tools using e-commerce channel. Our strategy includes mainly reaching the largest number of retail customers. Thanks to cooperation with 3LP we are able to do it every day.

The modern 3LP Logistics Centre ensures smooth deliveries and guarantee of completing hundreds of orders on a daily basis. The automated warehouse processes and full integration of systems allows rapid servicing of the end-customer. Thanks to cooperation with 3LP we have become a Leader in the sector of online tools shop.3LP S.A is one of the key elements allowing us to develop and ensuring optimisation of logistic and warehouse costs.

Agnieszka Kozieł

Member of the Board of Rotopino

Contract Logistics, E-commerce, Transport

3LP SA provides TIM.PL a comprehensive logistics management, starting with the process of accepting goods from over 100 different warehouse suppliers to an efficient execution of deliveries to our clients across Poland. The 3LP Logistics Centre supports TIM also in running the post-sale processes. Professional teams manage the returns and claims, frequently adapting to custom requirements resulting from the specificity of our clients’ works and diverse processes on the side of our suppliers. 3LP also supports us in managing packaging turnover. It is a comprehensive service – from the moment of collecting packaging from the customer to its stocking, to sending it to the supplier of goods. Thanks to cooperating with 3LP we are able to offer our clients services which constitute an added value in our cooperation.

Varied goods which we offer to the customers of TIM require broad approach in terms of automation of logistics services. This is the area where 3LP is a trues expert; and thanks to high automation of processes they complete the service in an incredibly effective way.

The high level of automation of the Logistics Centre in combination with well-designed processes guarantees quick and precise consolidation of orders for our clients. This translates to the effective servicing of over 2,000 orders per day, which means over 96,000 packages per month, including 98% of shipments with 24h delivery.

TIM is constantly increasing the scale of its operations, every year challenging the logistics operator. The size of the warehouse and possibility of scaling the number of operations make 3LP service more and more orders every year, orders from our customers and orders which we generate to our suppliers.

Apart from digitalisation and automation of warehouse processes, the tested and well qualified team constitutes a true competitive advantage of 3LP, not to mention the vast range of offered services and their adjustment to individual needs of a customer.

Piotr Nosal

Member of the Board of TIM SA

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