Cooperation with Local Community

Main Areas of Social Responsibility:

  • Supporting financially the commune health center in purchasing personal protection equipment in times if COVID-19.
  • Cooperating in launching the new kindergarten “Sportowa Kraina”, providing office spaces necessary for managing the point and supporting the on-time commissioning of the investment.
  • On 31 August 2019 the second edition of “Help by running, riding or roller skating” action ended. This year, in the 4-month event we managed to do 18,147 km which will allow us to transfer the amount of PLN 3,827.60. Two goals were chosen in a draw and the money will be transferred to them.
  • Participating in #GaszynChallenge – the entire Poland was doing press-ups for children with health problems. The nominated people had to do 10 press-ups – if they do it, they transfer PLN 5.0 and if they don’t – PLN 10.0. to a bank account of those in need. We had 48 hours to complete the challenge and we nominated next companies: Raben Group, GLS Poland, IKEA, Unifaun, and Level one. We did it!
  • Joining a project which idea is to share resources between companies in the time of COVID-19. On the one hand, some companies can make their warehouse workers available and on the other hand, different branches of industry need additional workers. The created website functions as a “notice board” and two interested parties could start a cooperation.