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See how we work
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See how we work

The largest companies trusted us

3LP brand, from the moment it was established, has been focusing on dynamic development and constant expansion of its services. We are gaining greater recognition from satisfied customers.

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  • Cooperating as part of a project servicing orders placed online, in store or by phone
  • Comprehensive management of orders
  • Competitive costs of logistics
  • Effective processes
  • High Quality
  • Continuous streamlining and improving of processes
  • Full integration of systems and processes
  • Video surveillance of processes
  • Comprehensive management of orders from an online store
  • Accepting deliveries
  • Qualitative and quantitative verification
  • Warehousing
  • Consolidating domestic and international orders
  • Managing customer returns
  • Executing a project pursuant to Multilateral Agreement on Government Procurement
  • Managing deliveries of goods in containers
  • Customs Clearance
  • Quantitative and qualitative control of goods
  • Warehousing of goods on homogeneous pallets
  • Consolidating palletized shipments
  • Packing and preparing (including securing) goods for sending
  • Specialised transport related to executing release orders
  • Reporting
  • Management of buffer warehouse for ready-made goods
  • Comprehensive management of ready-made goods stock
  • Accepting deliveries
  • Consolidating orders
  • Managing stock
  • System integration with the Customer
  • Cooperation in the scope of managing B2C orders
  • Quantitative and qualitative verification of deliveries
  • LOT, batch, and expiration date control
  • Optimised storing according to the product characteristics
  • Managing orders using an automated warehouse
  • Customs shipment
  • Full reporting
  • Comprehensive management of the largest online retailer of electrical goods
  • Managing deliveries
  • Quantitative and qualitative control of goods
  • Consolidating B2B/B2C orders
  • Managing post-distribution and customer returns
  • Perpetual/yearly inventory
  • Completing deliveries (packages, pallets, and specialised transport)
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Our Services

3LP buffer warehouse guarantees lack of breaks in the flow of goods and constant readiness of deliveries.
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Individual logistics projects of designing warehouse systems and maintenance.
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Long-term management of warehouse operations and the possibility of becoming the central warehouse for the Customer.
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We provide comprehensive solution for medium and large online retailers.
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Our Achievements


packages packed monthly

180,000 sqm

of warehouse space

4,500 m

of automatic feeders


of sent lines

Why Us?

We Can Service Any Sector

Our warehouses are adjusted to manage many different types of products – we are ready to take on every new challenge.

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The offer is prepared for companies which need support is marinating processes of changing goods in their retail offer related to, among others, seasonality, special offers, changing collections, changing range or temporal closing of outlets. We will efficiently manage your return channel of goods.


We possess specialised systems for FMCG sector. Many of our customers use services in the scope of logistics of different kinds of products. We guarantee frequency of operations, we are flexible in executing collections and shipments, and we meet the conditions for a typical buffer warehouse.


For the purpose of managing customer’s needs from this segment we use automatic and computerised feeders connected to Lean Lift system and shuttle system which ensure quick and precise consolidation of goods. We ensure high standards of Quality Policy.


We provide comprehensive solution for medium and large online retailers. Thanks to contracts with delivering companies we provide a set of reliable services and tools in the scope of express e-commerce logistics from the moment of accepting delivery to post-sale service.

Case study

If you are looking for an experienced logistics partner – write to us!

We send approximately 3 million packages and pallets from 3LP LC yearly. Such scale of operations is possible thanks to an experienced and engaged team of specialists as well as high automation of logistics processes.

Maciej Posadzy
CEO at 3LP

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