Logistics consulting

We are competent in all aspects of managing logistics, which is particularly important in companies where these actions are crucial for the return of sales.

We design and improve logistics for many enterprises in Poland and abroad executing hundreds of diverse business projects. We offer a number of professional logistics competences including experience and valuable know-how in e-commerce logistics. Knowledge database and skills gathered for many years allow effectively streamline operations from many different sectors.

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Details of the Service

As part of the logistics services consulting, we will offer you solutions regarding:

IT Consulting

Analysing requirements and helping in selecting adequate class of WMS, DMS, and TMS systems, as well as selecting the provider. We also help in supervising implementations together with integration of IT systems with warehouse infrastructure.

Designing and Automation

Support in designing warehouses and automatic solutions. Check how a number of automatic solutions works in practice: Shuttle, Lean Lift cabinets, automatic sorter, and stacker crane.

Logistics Audits

Audit carried out by our employees with practical experience. Diagnosis of current situation, listing subjects for improvement, execution of implementing corrections and optimisation o results upon implementing changes.

Logistics Consulting and Project Management

We ensure full consultancy and reliable management of various projects in the scope of logistics. We also offer help in selecting service providers and coordination of large and complicated projects.


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We send approximately 3 million packages and pallets from 3LP LC yearly. Such scale of operations is possible thanks to an experienced and engaged team of specialists as well as high automation of logistics processes.

Maciej Posadzy

CEO at 3LP