Buffer warehouse

As part of the buffer warehouse, 3LP SA takes over responsibility for effective management of available area in the period of increased demand for warehouse area of our Customers.

The necessity of storing raw-materials and/or ready made goods creates the need for locating them in a buffer warehouse for some time to a moment they are used or sold. The biggest advantage is a combination of a service that we provide – warehousing – with transport; this allows maintaining continuous supply of raw-materials and unstopped execution of supplies of ready-made products.

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Buffer Warehouse

As part of the buffer warehousing service 3LP SA takes over responsibility for:

Managing Warehouse Stock

Our aim is to minimise the costs related to managing stock and provide the highest quality services. It is really important in times of increased demand for warehouse areas.

Combining Warehousing with Transporting

Fast and in its place. Service of warehousing combined with transporting allows to maintain continuous supply of raw materials for production and delivery of ready-made goods.

No Breaks in the Flow of Goods

Full stock in a buffer warehouse or goods to supplement stocks in very often necessary. The buffer warehouse guarantees no breaks in the flow of goods and the ensured readiness of deliveries.

Storing of Most Products

Diverse equipment and managing stocks allow us to offer conditions for storing practically any type of goods except for perishable goods and ADR.


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We send approximately 3 million packages and pallets from 3LP LC yearly. Such scale of operations is possible thanks to an experienced and engaged team of specialists as well as high automation of logistics processes.

Maciej Posadzy

CEO at 3LP