Contract Logistics

The model of cooperation includes managing warehouse operations – deliveries, warehousing, managing goods, packaging, and distribution on behalf of the Customer together with additional services.

As part of the contract logistics 3LP SA offers management of number of operations executed both on own and the Customer’s warehouse area. The idea of the contract logistics is to support the Customer by taking over responsibility for operations which do not constitute the Customer’s main activity (its core business). The scope of cooperation in the field of contract logistics is subject to individual agreements and specified road map.

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Models of Cooperation

Details of the Service

As part of the contract logistics 3LP SA offers management of operations executed on own or the Customer’s warehouse area:

Management of Your Online Store

We take over all the processes related to managing goods. From their collection from a producer or distributor, to warehousing, later to consolidating individual orders and shipping to the recipient.

Individual Projects for Different Sectors

Rich experience and high productivity in managing comprehensive operation allow 3LP SA to execute the most demanding logistics projects from different sectors of the market.


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Case Study

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We send approximately 3 million packages and pallets from 3LP LC yearly. Such scale of operations is possible thanks to an experienced and engaged team of specialists as well as high automation of logistics processes.

Maciej Posadzy

CEO at 3LP