For the purpose of unloading and loading we use dcDMS system which is available here: https://3lpdcdms.dclog.pl/. Additionally, take a look at the general rules, times, and requirements imposed by us on carriers: https://3lpdc.deploy-test.co/

Deliveries take place on business days according to the created notification. You can check them here: https://3lpdcdms.dclog.pl/.

Forwarding Department works from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm; Reception Desk works from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, and HR Department works from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm.

3LP SA operates in the following warehouse facilities:

  • Main Warehouse ul. E. Kwiatkowskiego 24, 55-011 Siechnice, Dolnośląskie Province, Poland
  • Warehouse in Wojkowice ul. Wrocławska 36, Hall A, 55-020 Wojkowice, Dolnośląskie Province, Poland
  • Warehouse in Krajków ul. Logistyczna 4, Hall A, 55-020 Krajków, Dolnośląskie Province, Poland

On site of the 3LP SA Logistics Centre there is a dedicated unguarded car park for lorries available 24/7. Only drivers delivering to and collecting goods from our Logistics Centre can use the car park. There is also a sanitary unit by the car park available for the drivers.


We provide a vast range of logistics services for most market participants. Take a look at a detailed list of services offered by 3LP SA in section “Logistics Services” here:

Shipping services are provided by 3LP SA on the basis of the Regulations. Take a look at our Regulations of providing shipping services.

Due to introducing the pandemic in Poland and preventive measures which are to stop the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus from spreading introduced by other countries, we continuously monitor the situation in Poland, Europe, and world. We do our best to make cooperation with 3LP SA efficient and without any disruptions despite all the changes and restrictions. All the details can be found here:

If you run a company and want to present us your offer of cooperation, contact us using the contact form or send us an e-mail to zarzad@3lp.eu

3LP SA (“the Company” or “the Controller”) with its seat in Siechnice (55-011), ul. E. Kwiatkowskiego 24 operates as the Personal Data Controller, within the meaning of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) (hereinafter referred to as GDPR). 3LP SA appointed the Personal Data Controller who can be contacted with any issues regarding processing personal data and exercising rights related to processing data. You can get in touch with the Personal Data Controller via e-mail zarzad@3lp.eu or by letter sent to ul. E. Kwiatkowskiego 24, 55-011 Siechnice.

We are constantly looking for new members of our team so please take a moment and browse through our current job ads in the Career tab.

We offer free medical care at Enel-Med, group insurance at Generali, free gym in the neighbouring building, gift cards for Christmas, and work in the state-of-the-art warehouse with access to trainings which enhance the skills of our workers.

3LP SA regularly implements environmental protection policy. We have changed traditional lighting to LED in the entire 3LP facility; it has not only reduced energy consumption but also benefitted work comfort of our workers.

Apart from big investments which are to make our company “greener”, we constantly implement small changes which have positive impact on the environment and develop healthy habits in our workers.

We use water dispensers and each employee of 3LP has its own company bottle. Those changes have almost entirely eliminated plastic bottled from our company.


Claims regarding invoices issued by the Service Provider – especially additional costs resulting from verifying package parameters – may be reported by the Customer to the Service Provider. Such claims shall be reported via the contact form. Claims may also be sent by letter to the Service Provider’s address.

Please remember to enclose evidence confirming the validity of the claim. In case the claim is valid – the invoice will be corrected.


Goods placed on a pallet has to be secured to prevent it from any shifting. Sides should be sufficiently secured against damages and the goods inside the pallet should be arranged in such way so that they are not damaged in transport.

All the elements of a shipment should be correctly arranged on a pallet to ensure full stability (heavier elements on top, lighter on bottom, equally distributed on the entire surface of the pallet); they should be fixed to a pallet using a binding tape and stretch wrap.

The wrap protects the package against humidity, rain, and dirt. Additionally, a pallet package may be secured with fixing straps which ensure safe and strong protection in any type of transport. When choosing fixing straps please take into consideration their strength (it is best to think about the weight of the transported load).

We recommend this type of security for all unstable shipments.  Please remember that the permitted weight of a pallet package is 1 tonne and acceptable dimensions are: length – 120 cm, width – 80 cm, and height – 80 cm.

You have to secure a package by placing goods in a cardboard box – that is the basis of packing and securing the shipped goods. The chosen box should be new (boxes used several times do not provide enough protection for the shipped goods) and have sufficient dimension to fit all the goods you are planning to send.

The content of the box should not have direct contact with its internal walls. Nothing should also stick out of the box.

You should carefully secure the shipped goods especially if they are fragile and sensitive, e.g. of irregular shape, products made of glass, fragile, delicate, and sensitive to shock.

The best way is to wrap the content with an encapsulated-air plastic sheeting and filling the box with paper, foil, or styrofoam, and seal the package with a tape. We recommend using specialised products which secure the package in the best way.

Depending on the type of the shipped goods you have to adjust the means of protection mentioned in points 14 and 15. When managing the transportation, we will inform you about the possible ways of securing the irregular goods. Thanks to our experience we will help you choose appropriate means to limit the risk of damaging the package.

Types of objects which cannot be sent via a delivery company:

  • illegal,
  • specifically protected under law,
  • dangerous,
  • causing hazard for other packages or the courier,
  • of irregular dimensions and weight which significantly hinder the transportation. Products forbidden in parcel service include:
  • alcohol,
  • liquid goods in glass bottles,
  • articles of exceptional value, e.g. antiques, jewellery, or furs,
  • corrosive and flammable materials,
  • organisms, both live and dead, including plants and animals,
  • carrion, remains, ashes,
  • stimulants,
  • food which may go bad in transport lasting more than 7 days,
  • weapon and drugs,
  • protected species of plants.

We do our best so that the services provided by our company met the highest expectations; therefore, in case of any reservations all you have to do is contact us using the contact form, making a report in dcClaim https://3lpdcclaim.dclog.pl/ or sending an e-mail to the following address reklamacje@3lp.eu.

In case of even the smallest damage of a package we advise how to submit a claim to the delivery company. In order to avoid any damages please remember about securing the transported packages properly.

When accepting the package – a parcel or a pallet, pay attention to the condition of the bubble envelopes or the cardboard boxes which function as packaging.

Dirty, torn, or otherwise damaged packaging as well as the one which looks as if it was earlier opened, is a sign to check the content of the package in the presence of the courier.

It is possible that the goods were not damaged despite the damaged packaging. However, if the content of the package is damaged you should immediately draw and sign a damage report together with the courier.

The report shall be the basis for filing a claim on the service and demanding compensation for the damages. If you confirmed the receipt of a package which was not externally damaged and upon opening it turned out that the content is damaged, you also have right to file a claim to the forwarder. In this case time is limited – you have 7 days to do it and you have to provide evidence that the content was damaged before the package was opened.

If the packaging was not damaged and the content was secured sufficiently (e.g. bubble sheet was used), the case might be difficult to consider.

Delivery companies have varied claims procedures. They are different, for example, in the number of days you have to file a claim, ways to do it, or forms of claims documents. In case of a damage please contact us: spedycja@3lp.eu and will tell you what to do to initiate the claims procedure with the delivery company.

A customer ensures that the date provided when placing an order are true; these are information regarding weight, dimensions, value, type of packaging, and the content of the package. In case the provided data are not true, the customer shall cover the extra costs related to a service, cancel the order and place a new one – correct ones; otherwise, the service will not be provided and the paid amount will be returned.

In this case, the change is possible by the moment the courier attempts to collect or deliver a package. Please send the information via e-mail: spedycja@3lp.eu and include:

  • order number,
  • shipping list number,
  • new address of delivery or collecting including street, premises number, names, telephone number, city, and post code.

All the changes in addresses of collecting or delivering packages shall cause later delivery. Confirmation of the change of addresses will be sent to the same e-mail address from which the request was sent.

Claims regarding packages may be filed in case a courier does not provide correct delivery service – especially when: the package is damaged, content is lost or the package is lost, and the delivery is delayed.

The customer, as a party to a shipping contract with a delivery company, transfers to the delivery company entitlements of the sender resulting from the shipping contract to file a claim regarding the package directly to the courier. The customer is entitled to file a claim individually to the courier and exercise the right of a sender resulting from the transport law.

The recipient may file a claim directly to the courier, especially directly when collecting the damaged package; the damage report should be drawn in the presence of the courier. Both the sender and the recipient may file claims via the Delivery Company.

In order to file a claim via the Delivery Company, you have to draw a damage report which constitutes Attachment no. 4 to the Regulations.

A claim has to be filed 5 days from the date of sending – in case of delayed delivery or loss of package, or 5 days after collecting the package – in case of a defect or damage of the package. Always enclose a certificate of sending a package or a waybill in case the package contains a pallet to the claim as well as a list of documents. In case of a defect or damage of a package the following documents shall be also enclosed:

1) a copy of a damage report drawn in the presence of a courier, if it was done

2) documents confirming the value of the claim in the form of: a purchase invoice of the damaged good, an invoice for repairing or a detailed repair cost estimate in case the repair was done or a calculation of costs of manufacture drawn up by a head accountant or a representative person – in case of manufacturers.

The claim should be sent using a contact form or by post to the Delivery Company’s address. In case the claim is unjustified in the opinion of the Delivery Company, the Delivery Company shall inform the person filing the claim about it. In this case, transferring the claim via the courier will be proceeded as long as the person agrees to send the claim. In case the courier sends a request to resolve the shortcomings or send a decision resolving the claim to the Delivery Company, the Delivery Company shall send such information to the person filing the claim.

The Delivery Company informs that, pursuant to Article 75 of the Act of 15 November 1994 on transport law, pursuing claims in court proceedings against the forwarder (delivering company) on the basis of this Act or provisions of law issued under this Act shall be authorised after all the claim procedures are exhausted unsuccessfully; whereby, a claim is deemed unsuccessful when the forwarder (a delivery company) did not pay requested claims within 3 months from the day the claim was delivered.

Time that the forwarder has to deliver a package is counted from the moment the package is handed over to a courier (after the package is sent) and not from the moment of placing an order.

Shipment of domestic packages is carried out up to 2 business days after handing the package over to a courier but in most cases packages are delivered next day.

However, these times are not guaranteed.

When tracking your package wait for the status “Package has left the office for delivery” which means that the courier will make an attempt to deliver the package on that day.