E-commerce fulfillment

3LP SA, as one of a few logistics operators in Poland, provides services using unique and state-of-the-art  warehouse automatics solutions.

Individual execution of processes by an owner of an online shop requires allotting significant financial means, employing experienced members of staff, and renting warehouse area. 3LP meets the needs of e-shops operators by offering them comprehensive solutions. As part of the e-commerce fulfilment service 3LP SA offers two models of cooperation.

  • The Highest Operational Capacity
  • High Quality
  • Competitive Prices

Models of Cooperation

Details of the Service

As part of the e-commerce fulfilment 3LP SA offers comprehensive management of online retail channel:

Full Control Over Returns and Claims

We perfectly understand how important returns are for e-commerce. We have prepared an advanced IT system for registering returned packages – out stations are equipped in CCTV cameras which allows us to register and explain discrepancies regarding returned or faulty packages. All operations are saved and shared in a form of reports which simplifies managing and controlling the process.

On Time Shipping Is Our Priority

On time execution of receipts constitutes one of crucial qualitative factors for our company. E-commerce sector is booming – therefore, to fulfil all the customer requirements, we equipped our warehouse in highly-automated pick-up system. Thanks to it we are able to offer significant flexibility of handing over and immediately react to changes, adjusting warehouse performance to the needs of our customers.

Packaging and Additional Services

Apart from the basic operations, such as receipt of goods, warehousing, or releasing of goods, we offer a wide range of extra solutions perfect for a specific kind of business. Packaging or adding promotional materials is managed by our warehouse in a quite wide scope. Additionally, thanks to an automatic sorter, we are able to carry out, for example, the process of sorting returns, even faster and more precisely.

Integration with the largest delivery companies

In 3LP we are always happy to share our experience and effective solutions developed for many years. Because of high number of shipments, 3LP offers wide range of delivery companies and competitive prices; that gives you a chance to choose the best terms and conditions. Cooperating with us you will also be able to benefit from our long-term business relations.


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We send approximately 3 million packages and pallets from 3LP LC yearly. Such scale of operations is possible thanks to an experienced and engaged team of specialists as well as high automation of logistics processes.

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