Sorting and counting

Our offer is designed for companies which need support in keeping optimum sales offer e.g. season exchange, promotion, or temporary closing branches.

Optimized logistics processes, advance and various equipment ensure delivering services on high-quality level.

As in range of services addressed to sales chains you can discover:

  • labelling,
  • checking quantity & quality,
  • sorting & filing goods,
  • warehousing (storing),
  • dispatching for branches or to your own warehouse


High productivity (effectivity) and precise ensure usage professional, fully automated sorter serving a wide range of products such as:

  • fashion (clothes, shoes & accessories),
  • small electronic appliance,
  • home & garden,
  • toys.

Goods dimension to be managed by sorting machines:

  • min. 100 x 100 x 10, weigh from 100 gram,
  • max. 390 x 590 x 400, weigh up to 8kg

Our advanced (state-of-the-art) warehouse management system is adjusted to various (different characteristic/parameters) kind of products and large numbers amount of SKU’s.

Our solutions and quotations are every time tailored to the customer needs and their individual expectations.