E-commerce services

We make your work easy. Services for e-business that we offer include a comprehensive solution based on support for middle and large online vendors. Thanks to agreements with transport companies, we give a set of reliable services and tools within the scope of express e-commerce logistics, from the moment of accepting the order to post-sale service.

The scope of services provided for e-commerce includes, among others:

  • adjustments concerning the process of returns and complaints in accordance with applicable laws and principles set by the customer
  • conduction of servicing and running a warehouse with spare parts
  • optimization of the e-commerce process
  • helping customers from the e-commerce sectors during periods with an increased number of orders
  • management concerning waste, stock of residuals, and re-usable materials

With our optimized processes, an advanced warehouse management system (WMS) and sophisticated hardware we could achieve high effective results and consequently keeping costs of a particular operations on a competitive level while maintaining highest quality.

It could be your benefit’s.