Design of systems

On the basis of our experience in cooperation with our long-term business partners, we are able to wisely manage our warehouse space, including plans of shelf and rack development:

  • WE OPTIMIZE communication routes and loading zones
  • WE DESIGN systems for warehouse conveyors (conveyor belts and lifts)
  • WE ADVISE on selection of warehouse equipment
  • WE HELP our customers within the scope of optimization of processes related to maintenance and management related to the Technical Warehouse and to operations of the Traffic Maintenance Departments

We use only reliable tools

  • assessment of criticality of devices/technical system
  • system and principle of coding of devices
  • standardization of spare parts
  • an ordering system based on planned orders and min-max stock of the technical warehouse
  • calculated and optimized warehouse stock
  • picking of goods during making the order
  • consignment/deposit warehouse