Case study

In June 2014, negotiations with Electronica Italiana started in relation to the transfer of logistics services of the company to Siechnice. The project required fast transportation of customer's inventory from the location in Warsaw and warehouses located in Italy. At the same time, the customer planned shipments to its recipients two weeks after receipt of the first delivery.

After a thorough analysis of logistics needs of the customer, the following services were arranged: acceptance of goods, unloading from pallets, storage, release, logistics of returns and complaints, shipment of goods via freight forwarders providing services for 3LP within the country and abroad, labelling, foil wrapping. In order to quickly start the cooperation, it was agreed on that in the first stage the contract will be based on terms and conditions of the offer, which significantly shortened time needed to commence the contract. The first cars were unloaded in Siechnice in October 2014, gradually acquiring the whole stock of the customer. Until the end of the year, 2,300 lines were accepted.

2.300 - that is the number of lines we accepted by the end of 2014.

The time needed for the correct identification of customer's individual needs was necessary for efficient performance of the contract and exchange of data between the entities. Commencement of the release of goods, in accordance with the original plan, occurred in November 2014. At the same time, the process of acceptance of goods from customer's warehouses or directly from customer's suppliers went on. The process was conducted fluently thanks to two working groups that were individually responsible for releasing goods to recipients and a group responsible for accepting goods. Until the end of 2014, about 1000 lines with shipments were released directly to customer's recipients.

One of the requirements of the customer was the provision of post-sale services for orders. That is why on the first day of release of goods, dedicated employees were assigned to provide logistics services concerning returns and complaints related to the customer, in accordance with the standards agreed on in the offer, and, sometimes, performance of logistics operations.

Year 2014 was ended with a summary of the first months of cooperation, which was facilitated by reports created according to customer's requirements within the period stated in the offer. Simultaneously, works were started together with the customer over a long-term agreement that was to expand the catalogue of offered services by adding conduction of an inventory process, service of co-packing, packing, and security of sensitive goods.

In 2015, logistics service was conducted smoothly: about 7,500 lines with deliveries were released in 24h to final customers, 3,000 lines were accepted, storage of goods amounted to 2,000 positions.

7.500 - that is the number of lines release by the end of 2015.
Assumptions initially significant from the point of view of the customer: fast start of the cooperation under terms and conditions of the offer, full logistics service including dispatching delivery and post-sale services, as well as efficient data exchange between companies.